Bean Sheller Reviews and Instructions

So many favorite memories were born on the front porch shelling peas and beans with a parent, grandparent or other older relative.  These memories can be built upon but automated with a pea and bean sheller.  You've reach the right place to learn more about pea and bean shellers and where you can pick up one today.

Butter beans, black-eye (or black eyed) peas, purple hull, pink hull, you name it-- and the Taylor Manufacturing Pea Sheller mostly likely can shell it! 

The Taylor Little Sheller is the standard pea sheller for light commercial operation.  If you've seen an electric pea sheller, it is likely you've seen this #1 bestseller.  Made in the USA. We constantly hear from customer who have owned these for over 40 years-- and just need a simple part or have a simple question.  These literally last for generations!

It is wise to make pea sheller plans for early purchasing as these models can be in short supply during peak season.  Do not delay!  We currently have these in stock and can get them shipped out to you right now.


There's a new residential pea sheller in the making, PoBoy Pea Sheller.

You can secure your PoBoy by completing the reservation form at PoBoy Pea Sheller.

Here's an image or two just for you: Poboy Pea Sheller
PoBoy Shelling Beans